2015 HongNeng Tool&Die company  expand the production scale once again that met the customer demand, April moved to the town of Wuzhong District, Suzhou City Lu Zhi, had nearly 100 employees, the new industrial park, 4500 square workshop new standard workshop for our credit. On the import precision 630T punch, automatic feeder, precision go wire, precision surface Shuimo such as mold processing and production equipment.the Philip to the pursuit of excellence, focus crafted products, strict quality management system, improve the pre-sale, after-sales service is to win domestic and foreign customers. We look at the world, is about to usher in the era of electronic data, the use of integrated management processes in sales, the establishment of an open and just international Internet sales platform, can provide better metal molds and metal products for the global industries, competitive force the price, caring service.

January, the mold and mold parts by our own research and design  out of the country, completed the free import and export business.

February, completion of the new plant design and renovation program, and begin  construction.

April, moved to the new company of LuZhi Town. In the same month, a senior professional staff arrived in Saudi Arabia to resolve the mold maintenance and a die 18 models of common parts replaced quickly.

May, American customers to visit and audit the company.

June, the establishment of an independent car division.

July, the establishment of the International Alibaba platform electricity supplier Sales.

August,  vehicles and parts mold of American Honda put into production.

September,  home appliances mold development and production of India Hitachi, by the end of October it into the Indian market after customer acceptance into the Indian market.

October,   we send auto parts  samples to the United States for detecting, gained  customer acceptance after qualified.

November, automotive mold was exported  to the United States